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Tracings for Shoes

In order to facilitate our providing Smooth Walker Rubber Horseshoes, custom shaped for one of  your horses, please provide tracing, for each horse.   The tracings may be of either steel shoes shaped to fit the horse/foot position, or of the trimmed foot.  We have provided sample tracings of foot, and shoe, as an example of how tracings should be done.
While you may be inclined to not draw the 8” vertical line, and the 7”  horizontal line, please provide these lines, as they are used as scales when the tracings are faxed to us. 
We request that you fax tracings to us at:  325-529-3190.
For each tracing, please provide the following:
1.  Horse’s Name
2.  Date of tracing
3.  Tracings, of horses’ feet
4.  8”  Vertical Line
5. 7” Horizontal Line
6.  Foot Position
     a.  Left Front
     b.  Right Front
     c.  Left Hind
     d.  Right Hind