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Shoe Shaper


The Smooth Walker Shoe Shaper is specially designed by Smooth Walker, for working Smooth Walker Rubber Horseshoes.
The shaper allows for opening, closing, straightening branches, turning heel in or out, and otherwise forming Smooth Walker Rubber Horseshoes.  Some of our farrier customers indicate that they find it useful in hand making shoes, primarily for them to get the initial bend.
The Smooth Walker Shoe Shaper comes complete with two “tuning forks”, and pins. This item has a shipping weight of 35 pounds. 


Shaper is made, primarily of ½” X 2 ½” and ½” X 3 ½” steel flatbar.

Pins are shipped with, and used in the shaping process.  These are made of ¾” Steel round bar, and are approximately 6 ½” long.


Pins are easily installed and removed.  The shaper is pinned together at pivot point, and  Pins are most typically moved while shaping shoes.


Shaping of shoes, after a little practice, should be expected to take between one and three minutes per shoe.  This shaper can be used for opening, closing, turning heels in, or out.


The Smooth Walker Shoe Shaper Stand, is intended to provide a permanent base for mounting the shaper in a fixed location such as in stable area.  This should be located such that they are accessible to the farrier at the location that the horses are being shod.  It is frequently necessary for the farrier to shape the shoe a little, then try the shoe on the horse’s foot.

This stand is heavy duty, with a shipping weight of 65 pounds.

Installation of shaper stand

The shaper stand must be installed in concrete, most easily accomplished by use of concrete anchors installed in holes 5/8” diameter drilled into the concrete by use of a rotary hammer drill.  Concrete anchors are included with this stand.

The installation should allow for 300 degree horizontal swing of handle.