==================================== Testimonial One ===================================

Dear Kepha,


I would like to write and thank you so much for your product!!!  We are a new carriage company and were not sure what was the best product for our horses.


Metal shoes (even with Borium® added to the bottom) became a 'nightmare' for us.  Our horses were nervous if they were on any slope, they slipped on flat surfaces and sparks would fly.


Your rubber shoes solved our problems instantly!!  There has been no slipping or sparks, and the horses are actually picking up their feet and want to work!  We noticed an improvement in their attitude the first time they pulled the carriage. 


I had been told that rubber shoes are not good because they 'catch' and can put pressure on the horses' legs.  I have found that sometimes the rubber shoes will 'catch' (like my tennis shoe on carpet), but it has not put pressure on the leg - the rubber shoes provide traction so muscles do not get torn by slipping.  Our horses have compensated for this 'catch' by picking their feet up higher.


Our farrier had no trouble attaching the shoes.  He spent less time with us than he usually does because the shoes fit perfectly - thanks to your expertise and your superior product!


Your Customer Service is outstanding!  You are so knowledgeable and easy to work with.  The assistance you gave in sizing the shoes, what nails to order, etc. was invaluable!  Our order arrived very quickly with everything we needed, saving us time and extra shipping!  Your Customer Service is like 'the old days'.  THANKS!


We will recommend your product to everyone we know.


Please join us for a carriage ride when you are in Southern Utah!




Camelot Carriage Company

Kimberlee Morrison

Deena Gray-Henry


We'll let you know how the shoes wear - they have been on a little over a week - and so far so good! LOL


==================================== Testimonial Two ===================================




So far I am  very pleased  with the performance of the Smooth Walker Shoes.  I have been using another brand for the past 18 months or so, both the bolt on style and the nail on shoes.  At first I was pleased with them but as time went on I felt there were some issues with the fit and wearability of those shoes as well as the design- especially with the bolt one shoes. I explored other possibilities and found your ad in the Draft Horse Journal, then reviewed the web site.


Before using the other brand shoes, we used steel with Tungsten studs. We had good traction and the horses were doing well. I had a contract that was somewhat compromised by the damage being done to the pavement on site due to the repeated exposure of the pavement to the studs, so we switched to the rubber shoes.  That is when we tried the other brand's bolt on shoes.  Later because of continued issues with the bolt on shoes we switched to the other brand’s nail on shoes.  May farrier and I were not very pleased with the fit or durability of those shoes.


I ordered a pair of Smooth Walker shoes.


My farrier and I were pleased with the fit of the Smooth Walker shoes as they came out of the box. They are much more true to the real shape of a horse's foot.


Customer Service from Smooth Walker was also excellent.  My farrier measured Cindy's feet and based on those measurements, we ordered a set of shoes for fronts and hinds via the internet.  They were delivered within 3 days or so from Texas and Kepha called to make sure I had received them and if I had any problems.  He also called me a few days after the shoes were nailed on, again to make sure if we had any questions, issues or problems with the shoes.


With another brand in the past, we had some issues with traction when the pavement was wet.  I had a wedding to do with a mare that typically does not pick up her feet- she likes to drag her toe at times. It was about 40 degrees and raining very hard with some small ice balls mixed in with the rain.  The bride and groom still wanted to do pictures with the carriage so we were prepared to work.  I have always been very apprehensive working horses when there is water running through the parking lot or across the roads.  Those were the conditions that day. My farrier had nailed on the Smooth Walker shoes about 4 days before this wedding and this was the first time I had Cindy out to work.  All I can say is- VERY IMPRESSIVE!


Cindy did not slip once that day, not when walking down off the ramp of the trailer, nor while she was working.  We had to go downhill and over 2 speed hills/humps (wide and about 8" tall in the middle) and there was no slipping or loss of traction. In fact I had to hold her back as she was starting to prance a little. I feel she felt confident about her footing and just felt good moving forward.


Now I have another issue with one facility where I am working. I have another brand on some of my other horses.  They are leaving scuff marks on the pavement, not permanent but still noticeable and the owner is not happy.  I used Cindy last night with the Smooth Walker shoes and I did not see any marking on the pavement from her shoes.  This may be yet another advantage in maintaining this contract.  I'll keep you updated. 


I am going to change all my other horses (will be a total of 8-10 horses for my commercial carriage busness) to Smooth Walkers as they need to be reset.


I am also anxious to see how the Smooth Walker shoes wear. I'll also let you know about that once Cindy has worn her shoes for a bit.  She is one of the hardest horses I own on shoes.  She used to wear her steel shoes much faster than the other horses and she is one of my smallest drafts!


Thank you Kepha for all your help. I look forward to working with you in the future. If asked,  I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone working on pavement. 


Mary Adkins

Willow Wind Carriage Service

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